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Hydration, the essence of performance

In this article, Heroic Sport, the best drink for physical effort, will no longer hold any secrets for you.

Adapt your consumption to the targeted performance.

All the efforts obviously don’t require the same contributions. While water is more than sufficient for “light sessions” (less than one hour at moderate intensity), intense efforts (more than one hour) require additional dietary intake. So this is exactly when isotonic sports drinks are playing their part.

A balanced drink (well dosed in sugar, non-acidic) is the ideal partner for this type of performance. Heroic Sport guarantees you the additional dietary intake necessary for intense sports activities, with a unique fruity taste based on natural flavors and without artificial colors!

Make minerals your priority !

As we sweat, our body not only loses water, we also lose minerals. For example, zinc plays a very important role in recovery from physical effort or injury. Here again, Heroic Sport accompanies you thanks to complete contributions in minerals (magnesium, zinc).

Heroic Sport, the ideal solution for optimal performance

Heroic Sport is the perfect boost for all everyday athletes !

The drink increases the absorption of water and provides minerals and nutrients to replace what the body has lost during physical effort. Vitamin B6, for its part, contributes to a normal energy metabolism. Heroic Sport isotonic drink helps maintain performance during prolonged endurance effort. To be consumed before, during and after effort.